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New Software Lets Mobile Devices Use Corporate Printers

A new client-server application lets most mobile devices now wirelessly use corporate printers, without having to make changes to smartphones or tablets, or to the printers.

HP Rolls Out New Printers, 3D Scanning, Better Cloud Printing

Along with HP's new line of printers comes 3D object scanning and enhanced Web-based printing services.

Cloud Printing Woes, Where Not to Buy Ink, and Windows 8 on PCWorld Podcast #124

PCWorld editors discuss the sorry state of printing over the internet, along with some revelations about where you should or shouldn't buy ink or toner. Microsoft's BUILD conference is next week, where it will reveal much about Windows 8; we tell you what we hope to learn.

Add Convenient Print Preview for Firefox

Parker3 asked how to put Print Preview icon on the Firefox toolbar

Black Hat: Embedded Web Servers Open Printer, Scanner Security Holes

It's fairly simple to find corporate or consumer printers and scanners online and, without breaking into them, get a hold of documents that these devices...

5 Fixes for the Biggest iPhone and iPad Headaches

Bugged about a lousy app buy? Grappling with Game Center? Here are five fixes for the worst annoyances you're likely to encounter on your iPhone or iPad.

5 Ways Cloud Printers Will Make Your Small Business Soar

Still not sure whether Web-connected printers are a worthwhile investment? Consider these perks of printing from the cloud.

Google Cloud Print Beta Is Limited but Evolving

Printing over the Web through the beta Google Cloud Print service is basically reliable, despite a few problems.

Cloud Printers Rain On Security Parade

The advent of Web-connected printers offers hackers new opportunities to steal your data, but a few simple precautions will keep you safe amidst the cloud.

Google Cloud Print: A Hands-On Tour

Google's long-anticipated online printing solution, which the company has launched as a public beta for Windows users, is extremely easy to use.