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Study finds most mobile apps put your security and privacy at risk

A report from HP claims apps lack security defenses, fail to encrypt data, and compromise personal information.

U.S. faces major Internet image problem, former gov't official says

NSA surveillance allegations have led to countries questioning the country's commitment to Internet freedom, a former Obama official says.

Encryption, lawyers, and openness: Microsoft acts on NSA's 'persistent threat'

"We all want to live in a world that is safe and secure, but we also want to live in a country that is protected by the Constitution."


Google's privacy policy violates Dutch data protection law, Dutch DPA says

The Dutch Protection Authority says Google spins an invisible web of our personal data without user consent.

EU will not suspend safe harbor data privacy agreement with the US

The European Commission said Wednesday it will not suspend the safe harbor agreement with the U.S. despite calls from the European Parliament.


UN panel passes draft resolution on privacy threats in the digital age

A response to NSA surveillance, the UN panel's resolution aims to protect human rights, including the right to privacy, in a digital age.

EFF: FBI should release surveillance justification document

The digital rights group asks an appeals court to force the release of a surveillance legal opinion.

Poor security on Obamacare site could sacrifice private info

There are many website issues surrounding Obamacare, but one could compromise our personal data.


Privacy International begins tracking surveillance industry

Activist group Privacy International has launched an ambitious project to track the spread of commercial surveillance, spying, and tracking technology and the often secretive firms selling into the booming sector.

Twitter tightens security against NSA snooping

The company's new technology should make it impossible for an organization to eavesdrop on encrypted traffic today and decrypt it at some point in the future, it said Friday.