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Surface RT’s (still rumored) integration of Snapdragon 800 is welcome, but no cure-all

A Snapdragon 800 processor could give the Surface RT slate LTE capabilities and a big performance shot in the ARM (get it?), but Windows RT won't shine until some software woes are addressed.

Wi-Fi Alliance announces 802.11ac certification program

Consumers and SMBs can finally be assured that 802.11ac networking products will be compatible, even though the IEEE has not ratified the standard.

Qualcom SnapDragon 800 phone development platform

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 is a speed demon, but battery impact remains unknown

Qualcomm allowed journalists to run some benchmarks on its upcoming Qualcomm SnapDragon 800 chip. But how will battery life fare?

AT&T’s Street Charge Provides Free Power For Your Smartphone

AT&T opened public charging stations in New York City today.

Rugged Galaxy S4 Active Joining the Samsung Family

The new Galaxy S4 Active will be waterproof and dustproof.

Smartphones are Smarter with an All-In-One Processor

From sending emails to watching HD video, an all-in-one processor is designed to make every operation on your smartphone smoother, faster and more energy efficient.

HTC One Wins Best Smartphone Award at Computex 2013

The HTC One adds another trophy to its cabinet at the major annual electronics show.

Entire Android Line-Up Can Now Download Google Keyboard

Google's Keyboard is now available as an app in the Google Play store.

Halo Infiltrates Windows 8 Mobile Devices in July

The popular gaming franchise expands its reach with a new story and a new design.

Verizon Releasing a Major Software Update for the Galaxy S3

Update brings a host of fixes and new features, including Multi-Window capability and the Best Shot camera feature.