Don't-Miss Stories

Google Releasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Stock Android OS

Google CEO Larry Page announced the exciting new device at the Google I/O Developers conference on 5/15.

Nine Ways to Stretch Your Battery To The Max

Today’s smartphones are capable of incredible things, but only if they’ve got enough battery power. Armed with a bit of knowledge and a little planning, you can keep your smartphone running and running and running.

T-Mobile Stores to Introduce the New Nokia Lumia 925

The new Nokia Lumia has some impressive redesigns to offer T-Mobile customers this summer.

AT&T Launches Aio, a New No-Contract Prepaid Wireless Service

The new plan is currently only available in a few cities, but will spread to more markets soon.

Microsoft Looking to Make a Comeback in the Mobile Market

Bill Gates makes some arguments for the future of Windows in a new interview.

Mobile Ads Lead to Revenue Growth for Facebook

Facebook's new earnings report shows huge growth in mobile users.

Verizon Announces New Cloud Service for Android Mobile Devices

New cloud storage option from Verizon may give the provider an edge.

Qualcomm's wireless power technology allows for pad-free charging

If Qualcomm's vision becomes a reality, users will be able to wirelessly recharge smartphones and tablets without placing them in direct contact with charging pads.

Windows and Android Tablets Gain Ground on Apple’s iPad

A new study shows that Apple's competition has made serious strides since last year.

New Nokia Lumia 928 Rumored to Become Verizon’s Flagship Phone

Verizon nabs the new high-end smartphone, to be released next month