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This Week in Geek: Killer Case Mods, Shape-shifting Gadgets, and Odd Speakers

This week our geeky round-up looks at reusing old tech, building your very own Lego iPad, hacking a Nokia N900 to run Mac OS X and more...


The Problem With Used PCs

The market for secondary -- or used -- PCs is increasing. But so is the potential hazard that these products pose to the environment.

UK: Better Phone-Recyclers

Cash incentives are prompting more Britons to recycle their used cell phones.

Green Tech Loses Priority in Cash Crunch

Businesses are taking a hiatus from green IT to put priority on direct cost-cutting, Gartner says.

Card Turns Aging PCs Into Thin Clients

Igel updates its card that converts older desktops into thin clients, offering a second life for old PCs.

General Motors and Segway Unveil the PUMA Transporter

Struggling auto-maker General Motors unveils a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle jointly developed with Segway.


Green Olympics Planned for London in 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games organizers are turning to green technology for efficient and economic services.

Intel Atom May Power 'Green' Servers

Microsoft is testing the CPU designed for netbooks to instead power low-energy servers.

Green Plug Reacts to Universal Phone Adapter Initiative

Green Plug Responds to Universal Phone Adapter Effort

Greener Gadgets: Bright Ideas for a More Efficient Tech Experience

From a printer that uses coffee grounds for ink to solar-powered window blinds, the entries in this Greener Gadget contest show you can have your tech and a conscience too.