Don't-Miss Stories

Will Google's PowerMeter Be Home Automation's Savior?

Google's star power could push home automation to the masses.

Microsoft Offers Tool to Calculate Carbon Footprint

Microsoft has released a toolset for Dynamics AX ERP that lets companies measure their greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Plug Power Adapter Rallies Supporters

The maker of the intelligent universal power adapter is encouraging customers to pressure other vendors to adopt its Green Plug technology.

Can't Toss that Old Mac? Transform it

Artificial intelligence researchers are harvesting the "brains" of obsolete Macs for some creative projects.

Consumer Gear Goes Green

Vendors scramble to show how eco-correct they are, but consumers want full functionality, too.

European Green Laws Target Plasma TVs

Large plasma TVs could be banned if a new EU standard is passed this spring.

K2 Charges Electronics With Solar and Wind Energy

Kinesis' K2 charges electronics with solar and wind energy.

Electronics Recycling Is Making Gains, Says EPA

Despite challenges, EPA says recycled electronics programs are growing.

Going Green to Save the Green

Companies that use natural air to cool their facilities are seeing big benefits on both the environmental and financial fronts.

Going Green in 2008

From the emergence modular data centers to the advance of green products, 2008 proved another strong year for green tech