Don't-Miss Stories

Going Green to Save the Green

Companies that use natural air to cool their facilities are seeing big benefits on both the environmental and financial fronts.

Going Green in 2008

From the emergence modular data centers to the advance of green products, 2008 proved another strong year for green tech

Digital Gear: Power and Money Saving Technologies

Here's a snapshot of some of the cool gadgets and electronics that you'll be able to check out on the CES show floor.


Tech Centers Go Green Despite Cuts

IT departments continue to boost spending on green initiatives, Forrester reports.

Check Carbon Emissions for Truly Green Operations

Data centers can lower their carbon footprints by scheduling routine but flexible tasks for off-hours.

Intel, HP Describe Green Strategy

'Greenergy' forum highlights plans for recycling, green packaging, cutting energy consumption, and more.

Used PCs Still Being Dumped Despite High Demand

Only 44 percent of computers entering the secondary market end up in the hands of a new owner, despite the fact that worldwide demand is greater than supply.

Fighting E-Waste One Cell Phone at a Time

With most Americans switching their mobile handsets once every 18 months, the need to find safe ways to dispose of old cell phones has grown.

Greenpeace: Companies Not Serious About Climate Change

Nokia still tops the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, which is increasingly focusing on manufacturers' energy consumption and greenhouse gas production.

Survey: Who's the Greenest?

The UK leads in green IT strategy, although research reveals that half of European firms are making headway.