Don't-Miss Stories

System Sales Estimates Disputed

Gartner's research suggests only Apple is increasing its market share in the PC market, but other trend-watchers say all worldwide shipments are down.

Neglect Your Website, Annoy Your Customers

Research reveals consumers won't tolerate -- or return to -- faulty websites with outdated information and broken links.

PC Sales Slip as Shoppers Wait

With Windows 8 expected in a matter of months and new tablets arriving, even ultrabooks aren't enticing enough to loosen pocketbooks.

Mobile Applications Reliability Subject of MIT Research

A new networking protocol is specifically designed for mobile clients and the intermittent, low-bandwidth connections that typify today's wireless networks.

Apple's Chinese Suppliers Violate Worker Rights, Says Labor Group

UPDATE: Serious violations of worker rights remain at Apple's Chinese suppliers, even as Foxconn tries to improve working conditions, a labor study reports.

Online Tracking Accelerates

In one year, the number of tracking firms has doubled and the amount of data they collect has grown more than 400 percent, says a study by Krux Digital.

How Alan Turing Set the Rules for Computing

The 100th birthday of a the polymath prompts reflection that without Turing's work, today's computers would simply not exist.

IDC Forecasts Strong Growth in Enterprise Social Software Spending

Driving adoption are a push for social collaboration capabilities in enterprise applications, and employees who want software that resembles their consumer applications.

High-tech Knee Strap Powers Devices Through Walking

This could enable a new generation of GPS tracking, more advanced signal processing and more frequent and longer wireless transmission, the researchers said.

Online Activity Can Signal Depression, Study Says

Researchers found that the more a participant's survey score indicates depression, the more the person's Internet usage includes sharing files like movies and music.