Don't-Miss Stories

Nevada Approves Self-Driving Cars after Google Lobbying Push

Self-driving cars aren't ready for consumers, but they are being tested on public highways -- with human passengers who can take the wheel if needed.


Google Search's Screenwise vs. Bing Rewards: Which Pays More?

Google Screenwise gives you money if you allow it to track your search results in Chrome -- but so does Bing Rewards.

Who's the Smartphone OS Crash Champion?

Analysis: Apple claims its iOS is more stable, and Android gets the rap for crashes -- but a research report reveals the truth.

Researchers Develop Computer Modeling to Read Words in People's Thoughts

The system is seen as a future way to help comatose and locked-in patients to communicate.


Smartphone Sales Boom -- Who Needs A Laptop?

In the next decade, mobile phones will gain capabilities that make them suitable replacements for the conventional desktop or laptop computer.


Facebook Members Get More Than They Give

Typical users of the social network are "friended" more than they "friend," a Pew Internet and American Life Project reports.

Is the Use of Sites Like MegaUpload Sinking the Arts Ship? Not So Fast, Says New Advocate Study

A new study argues that artists are thriving and companies that adapt to new methods could thrive also.


The Hazy Future of Phones

Making very specific market-share forecasts for 2015 and discussing them as if they were factual is goofy at best and disingenuous at worst.

19 Percent of American Adults Own a Tablet

Tablet ownership in the U.S. nearly doubled over the fourth quarter holiday season, a Pew Research Center study reports.


Internet Promotes Literacy, Study Says

The ongoing study finds the Web can be an effective tool in fostering literacy development among young adults.