Don't-Miss Stories

Google Plans to Overhaul Search

Google is planning major changes to its search engine that will make it easier and faster for users to get the information they need.

Mobile Shoppers Prefer Websites to Apps

A Nielsen study reveals consumers find websites more useful to research products, compare prices, find retail locations, and redeem coupons.


What Post-PC Era? PC Sales Growth Forecast

Projections from Gartner suggest PC shipments are set to grow 4.4 percent in 2012, Apple's expectations aside.

PC Shipments Won't Ramp Up Until 2013, Gartner Says

Worldwide PC shipments are on track for a small increase, but will remain weak throughout 2012, according to the industry analyst firm.

Malware Surpasses 75 Million Unique Pests in a Year

Security vendor McAfee predicted unique malware samples would hit 75 million in 2011, but the real number was worse -- and guess which platform is most vulnerable?

Video is Half of all Mobile Data Traffic

Streaming video to mobile devices has picked up in the past year, with longer videos entering the stream in ever-increasing volume.

WP7 'Smokes' 88% of Rivals, Microsoft Says

Throwdown bets $100 that Windows phone beats all comers at everyday tasks, in the latest Windows Phone 7 promotion.

Atom-Sized Transistor Foretells Quantum Computer, Scientists Say

The new process retains the precision necessary to keep up with the chip evolution described by Moore's law, and support significantly speedier systems.


Nevada Approves Self-Driving Cars after Google Lobbying Push

Self-driving cars aren't ready for consumers, but they are being tested on public highways -- with human passengers who can take the wheel if needed.


Google Search's Screenwise vs. Bing Rewards: Which Pays More?

Google Screenwise gives you money if you allow it to track your search results in Chrome -- but so does Bing Rewards.