Don't-Miss Stories

Facebook Members Get More Than They Give

Typical users of the social network are "friended" more than they "friend," a Pew Internet and American Life Project reports.

Is the Use of Sites Like MegaUpload Sinking the Arts Ship? Not So Fast, Says New Advocate Study

A new study argues that artists are thriving and companies that adapt to new methods could thrive also.


The Hazy Future of Phones

Making very specific market-share forecasts for 2015 and discussing them as if they were factual is goofy at best and disingenuous at worst.

19 Percent of American Adults Own a Tablet

Tablet ownership in the U.S. nearly doubled over the fourth quarter holiday season, a Pew Research Center study reports.


Internet Promotes Literacy, Study Says

The ongoing study finds the Web can be an effective tool in fostering literacy development among young adults.

Fake Names Better on Comments: Study

Researchers find quality of anonymous in the Disqus platform outshines commenters who use real names or prefer anonymity.

China's Internet Users Cross 500 Million

China's Internet population passed the half billion mark at the end of 2011 after the country added 28 million new users during the second half of the year.

Tablets will Kill Laptops, Say Nearly Half of Americans

Users are taken with tablets -- but they aren't ditching the increasingly ultraportable laptops as fast as the doomsday predictions suggest.


Smartphones on Rampage: Next, Camcorders

After killing point-and-shoot cameras and GPS units, smartphones take aim to slaughter camcorders.


Commerce Report Urges U.S. to Boost Tech Efforts

Cuts in government support of research, education contribute to a trade deficit and slip in innovation, analysis warns.