Don't-Miss Stories

Cells Race End to End in a Petri Dish

Cells race in a Petri dish to help researchers learn about cell migration in cancer and other bodily functions


Scientists Discover Strange New 'Species' of Galaxy Unlike Any Ever Seen

This newly discovered type of galaxy is like nothing astronomers have ever seen--mainly because you can't see them with the naked eye.


NASA Declares SolarSail-D 'Mission Complete'

Over a year after launch, NASA's mission that studied the effects of orbital decay comes to an end.


Researchers Print Scaffolds for New Bones...With a Friggin' Inkjet

If you need a bone, 3D-printed scaffold replacements may be around in the next 1-2 decades.


Portal Becomes A Reality--Sort of--With This Kickstarter Project

A new device allows you to jump from one world to another through a portal and interact with others on the other side of the planet.


Robot Prison Guards Will Creepily Monitor Prisoners

They're not quite robot overlords, but new robot prison guards will soon help human guards monitor inmates in South Korea.


iPhone Customers 'Most Loyal' Smartphone Buyers

Apple is doing a better job of inspiring loyalty among customers than its rivals in the mobile marketplace, according to research.

NASA Prepares for Mars Rover Launch: Here's How You Can Watch

Curiosity, NASA's most sophisticated Mars rover yet, is set to lift off this week. Here's how you can stay tuned and watch.


Google's Search Algorithm Challenged

The Italian mathematician who helped craft Google's search engine readies a "new radical view" of online search.

Give Your Kid the Building Blocks of Life: Giant DNA Plush Dolls

Who says that learning and playing can't be the same thing? Biochemies DNA plush dolls encourage the pursuit of science while your kid thinks they're just playing with dolls.