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How Do I Find Small Businesses I Can Buy?

Start your research at Small Bizeo, which helps you find franchises and other business opportunities available for purchase.

Two-Thirds of Consumers Fret About Phone Security

We're using our phones for banking, buying, and broadcasting our location -- but that doesn't mean we're not still nervous.


Cell Phones Don't Increase Cancer Risk, New Study Says

A Danish study followed 350,000 subscribers for 18 years, although critics point to gaps in the research.


Have You Cleaned Your Cell Phone Today?

Research reveals that mobile phones are frequently filthy with bacteria and even fecal matter.

Table Salt may Build Heftier Hard Drives

Researchers find a way to use salt crystals to boost bit storage density on hard drives so they can hold more data in smaller form.

Hackers, IT Pros Share Personal Information Online, Study Finds

A new study finds that people with technical backgrounds are very inclined to disclose sensitive information like addresses and passwords to strangers they meet online, even though they should know better.


Which Q&A Sites Are Best for Business?

Here's how three question-and-answer, crowdsourced websites with options for business topics treated our sample question.

Android Sales Accelerate, RIM Keeps Dropping

Android users hit 43.7% of the U.S. market this summer, with iPhone use growing slightly and RIM slipping.

Wi-Fi Users Clueless About Security

Researchers for the Wi-Fi Alliance find most people take basic privacy and security steps -- but lack strong passwords and smart security settings.

Artificial Photosynthesizers Render Plants Obsolete (Take That, Nature!)

Another step on the path to clean energy is made as scientists come ever closer to producing fuels from just sunlight, water, and those pesky greenhouse gases.