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MIT Explores LGBT Content in Video Games

The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab seeks a means to present lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender content in an explorative and expressive, rather than dismissive, way.

Internet as Vital as Food, Water, Air, Shelter to Some

A third of people with Internet access declared their online resources as important as their physical ones, according to an international poll by Cisco.

Research: Study the Player, Not the Game

Video games alone aren't behind any elevated aggression and other negative effects; individual personalities play a significant role, researchers say.

Online Communities Carry Risks

Researchers say participation in an online community influences a person's financial decision-making in a systematic way, leading them to riskier behavior.


Android Smartphones Dominated by 10 Apps

Nearly half of all US Android activity can be traced to only 10 hugely popular apps, an analyst finds.


Glucose Monitor May Get Under Your Skin

Researchers have developed a glowing, subdermal glucose sensor that could make it easier for diabetics to monitor their status.


Morphing Hexapod Bot Redefines Creepy

A new hexapod, MorpHex, can transform by expanding and contracting the size of its body.


Mars 500 Crew Breaks Isolation Record, But Lonely Astronauts Don't Leave Earth

The European Space Agency isolation experiment is coming to a close with only 81 days left out of 520, while breaking longest record for space mission isolation.


Study Finds Android App-makers Careless With Some Data

A lot of the software written for Google's Android mobile phones falls short when it comes to user privacy and security.

Google+ On Track to Rival Facebook

Within a year, Google's newest social network will be second in popularity only to Facebook, researchers predict.