Don't-Miss Stories

Morphing Hexapod Bot Redefines Creepy

A new hexapod, MorpHex, can transform by expanding and contracting the size of its body.


Mars 500 Crew Breaks Isolation Record, But Lonely Astronauts Don't Leave Earth

The European Space Agency isolation experiment is coming to a close with only 81 days left out of 520, while breaking longest record for space mission isolation.


Study Finds Android App-makers Careless With Some Data

A lot of the software written for Google's Android mobile phones falls short when it comes to user privacy and security.

Google+ On Track to Rival Facebook

Within a year, Google's newest social network will be second in popularity only to Facebook, researchers predict.

Computer Scientist Predicts Your Next Facebook Friends

A Microsoft Research Faculty fellow is recognized for his work on the traces human activity leaves on the Internet.

Non-Apple Tablets Forecast to Overtake iPad in 2012

Analysts predict sales of non-Apple tablets will grow by 134 percent in 2012, overtaking the tablet that proved the market.

A Harvard Professor Puts Smartphone Usability to the Test

Analysis: Which phones are the easiest to use?

Facebook Can Make Teens Sick, Study Says

Findings presented at psychology conference say narcissism, anxiety, and stomach aches can result from too much social networking.

Your Future Friends: Predicted by Where You Go and Who You Know

Discovering friends through geolocation is the only way to deftly sift through the crowded party and find new friends -- friends that you could actually hang out with in real life, too


Tech: Better than Sex?

According to tech companies, people prefer their gadgets to intimacy. But that's been claimed about a lot of things through the years.