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Consumers trade privacy for free apps, study shows

Free apps distributed through the Google Play market are three times more likely to seek access to customer information in exchange for not charging for use, research by Juniper Networks reveals.



Android tablets get a boost from the absent iPad mini

Sales of Android tablets jumped this fall as iPad fans waited for the debut of the iPad mini, IDC market share figures reveal.


Evolution of the Keyboard

Here's how ergonomics, electronics and economics have contributed to the look and feel of the computer keyboard over the years. What will our fingertips type on next?


25 percent of adult Americans own a tablet, research reveals

Tablet sales are growing steadily, according to reports from the Pew Research Center's American Life Project. Ownership is up 6 percent since January, and most buyers are older than 30.


4 Updates from Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover is undergoing a very remote software upgrade on Mars, but it's still sending postcards.

5 Questions (and Answers) About Tonight's Mars Rover Landing

The Curiosity rover is on a mission of many months and millions of miles to test for microbial life on Mars, and its efforts are visible to the Earthbound.

Apple Could Sell 40 Million iPad Minis in a Year, Analyst Predicts

The 7-inch tablet is still hypothetical, and Apple still won't confirm its existence, but the buyers are ready for a smaller iPad, an analyst reports.

Google Creates Interactive Visual About Small Arms Trade

The graphic is part of the Google Ideas initiative on illicit networks and was produced by Google’s Creative Lab team working with an international think tank.


Create Family Trees and Genograms with GenoPro

GenoPro excels at making genograms of relationships or medical history, but also regular family trees.

Managing the Google Threat

Search Engines in general and Google in particular know a lot about everyone.