Don't-Miss Stories

Your Web Browser Knows Where You Are

Firefox and Safari on the iPhone can now report your physical location. But who are they telling?


IE 8 Beats Competition in Microsoft-sponsored Security Tests - UPDATED

In tests performed by NSS Labs, IE 8 blocked more sites with malicious downloads than other browsers.

Coming Soon: Google Chrome Bookmark Sync

Google's Chrome browser will soon let you synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers -- a feature that could have broader implications down the road.

Browser Market Share Claims Are Dubious

Why you can't trust anybody's numbers when it comes to browser market share.

Tech Tattoos: The Good, the Bad, and the R U SRS?!

Would you tattoo the Apple Safari logo on your forearm? What about a USB symbol? Get ready to see some of the worst (and best) tech tattoos around.

Web Browser Wars, Michael Jackson Version

Latest tallies show IE still dominates, but the rest of the pack is rallying.

Bugs and Fixes: A Bonanza of Browser Bug Fixes

Plus: Microsoft issues a PowerPoint patch and a fix related to QuickTime, and Mac OS and Adobe Reader receive updates.


Apple Hypes Downloads of Safari, Loses Market Share

Users downloaded 11 million copies of Apple's Safari 4 browser in just three days, but the browser's share declines while IE makes gains.

Safari 4 Downloaded More Than 11 Million Times in Three Days

Apple said the updated Web browser for Mac OS X and Windows has been downloaded more than 11 million times in its first week.

Report: Google's Mac Chrome Speeds Past Safari, Firefox

According to JavaScript rendering tests, Chrome is 10 percent faster than Safari and is 60 percent speedier than Firefox.