Don't-Miss Stories

Mozilla Delivers Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 with Major Speed Boost

Newest beta is 19 percent faster in rendering JavaScript than Mozilla's last preview.

Google Chrome Is Fastest Browser in Site-Loading Tests

Browser makers like to claim their product is the fastest. PC World did extensive testing to find out which one really is quickest.

Chrome Skunks Hackers in Vulnerability Contest

Analysis: Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari browsers don't fare as well.

Updated Internet Explorer Still a Slowpoke

JavaScript benchmark tests put Microsoft's IE8 in last place against rival browsers.

Security Researchers Hack Safari in Contest

For the second year running, security researcher Charlie Miller has taken home the top prize at security conference CanSecWest...

Researcher Cracks Mac in 10 Seconds

Charlie Miller defends his title; IE8 also falls on Day 1 of hacking contest.

Safari's Security Reputation Takes a Beating

Apple's Safari browser has taken some shots lately over its security capabilities compared to those of other popular...


Safari Loses, Firefox Gains Market Share

Although Microsof's Internet Explorer (IE) continues to bleed market share, Apple's Safari is an even bigger loser.

iPhone Rules -- Thanks to the Apps

Separate studies say Apple's focus on third-party software heralds the iPhones's success -- for now.


Hands On: Apple Safari 4 Beta

New Web browser seems to borrow heavily from Google Chrome and others, but improves on what those browsers offer.