Don't-Miss Stories

Fake "MacDefender" Brings Malware to Macs

Fake anti-virus software moves to attack the Apple platform. Here's how to avoid it.

Battle of the Web Browsers

Stop. Don't look up. Don't look outside of the box, the rectangle holding this text. Can you tell me which browser you're using?

4 iPhone App Easter Eggs

Get your basket out; we're going hunting for some iPhone Easter eggs.


Apple Prepares 'Do Not Track' Feature in Safari

Safari's Do Not Track feature appeared in the test release of Mac OS X Lion, which launches this summer, but it's not clear whether the browser will get the feature sooner, or whether it'll be available to Windows users.

Can Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Win the Browser Wars?

Microsoft's new browser is doing well but IE's market share is dropping.


What Pwn2Own Tells Us About Browser Security

Chrome has survived Pwn2Own without a successful attack to take the $20k prize, but don't let that dupe you into believing the browser is invulnerable.

Hackers Expose Safari's Flaws in 5 Seconds

Apple patched 62 vulnerabilities and released Safari version 5.0.4 shortly after a team hacked the browser at Pwn2Own.

Apple Patches 62 Bugs in Massive Safari Update

Apple today patched a record 62 vulnerabilities in Safari 5, updating the Mac and Windows browser to version 5.0.4.

Chrome, Safari Reach Record Browser Share Highs

Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari posted record numbers in January while Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) lost ground for the sixth month running.

iTunes, Safari Merger Qualifies as Dumb Rumor of the Day

A very iffy rumor from a not-so credible source that Apple wants to integrate iTunes into Safari should be immediately dismissed.