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The Best Web Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari?

Find out which of the leading browsers is the perfect balance of features, speed, innovation, and flexibility for you.

Apple's Safari Browser Makes Meaningful Gains In Browser Wars

Microsoft's Internet Explorer Web browser may be the market share leader, but Apple's Safari browser is making real gains in the browser war.

Browser Wars Enter a New Round

Analysis: It's been a long time since the race for best browser was this close. Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are all really good.

Safari 5 Gains Reader Feature, Improves Speed

Take a spin with Safari for Windows, Appleā€™s latest Web contender.

Mac Users Get Simpler Safari Add-ons, Office 2011 Preview

For small businesses that use Macs, easier add-ons for Safari, Microsoft's preview of Office for Mac 2011, and a more powerful Mac Pro appear to bring welcome changes.

8 Killer Safari 5.01 Extensions

Apple has generously included 100 extensions for Safari 5.01, but who has time to learn about all of them? Here are 8 best bets.

Apple Releases Safari 5.01

The browser's new "extensions" are varied, numerous, and easy to add.

Browser Blowout 2010

IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Opera: Our lab tests reveal which browser is the fastest, the safest, and the most powerful tool for the Web.

Safari Browser Hack Reveals AutoFill Security Concerns

The security flaw revealed in the Safari Web browser is more serious than others, but also highlights the security and privacy concerns with the AutoFill feature in general.

iPhone 4 issues, Browser Battles and Fourth of July Fireworks Photo Tips on PCWorld Podcast #83: R.I.P. Kin

Join PCWorld editors Tim Moynihan, Mark Sullivan, Nick Mediati and Melissa Peterson as they discuss living in a post-iPhone 4 world before diving into the hottest news of the week.