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Let's Declare a Moratorium on Browser Speed Claims

Apple says Safari 5 is the world's fastest browser. Other folks disagree. Who's right? Everyone and no one.

Apple Launches Safari 5, Patches Record 48 Bugs

Apple released the latest version of its Safari browser, which patches 48 flaws, on Monday, the same day it unveiled the iPhone 4.

Apple's Safari 5 Now Available to Download

Apple has announced that Safari 5 is now available to download for both Mac and Windows.

Secret WWDC Star: Safari?

A revamped browser and even an OS update may be part of the agenda at Monday's event.

Researcher Reveals Safari Zero-Day Bug

Apple's Safari browser contains a critical, unpatched bug that attackers can use to infect Windows PCs with malicious code, researchers say.

Browser War Update: IE Takes Another Big Hit

Internet Explorer is struggling to hold onto its market share lead within a bruising Web browser war.

Opera Mini on the iPhone: Will It Matter?

The alternative mobile browser is earning mostly positive reviews, but will it really change the way you use your iPhone?

What Opera Mini and Safari Could Learn From Each Other

Neither of these browsers delivers a perfect experience on the iPhone, but if you combine the two, you just might have the complete package.


Browser Wars: Apple, Mozilla Tweak their Entries

Google Chrome's stability inspires makeovers for Firefox and Safari.

Apple Reveals WebKit2 is in the Works

Another less flashy but also important upgdate announcement came from Apple this week.