Don't-Miss Stories

Apple Reveals WebKit2 is in the Works

Another less flashy but also important upgdate announcement came from Apple this week.


iPad's Safari Edges Closer to the Desktop

Analysis: Apple touts the iPad's browsing chops, and the iPad's Web experience is indeed very good so far.


Security Lessons Learned from Pwn2Own Contest

The Pwn2Own contest demonstrates that dedicated attackers can compromise any platform.

Opera Brings Browser War to Smartphones

Opera has submitted the Opera Mini browser app for the iPhone--bringing the browser war to the popular smartphone.

Apple Patches Safari Browser

Version 4.0.5 is available for both Windows and Mac, just in time for competition in the Pwn2Own browser hacking competition.

Hacking Impresario: 'Windows Safer Than Mac'

The organizer of the Pwn2Own hacking contest claims Windows 7 beats Snow Leopard for security, and that Safari will fail in the upcoming hacking contest.


Will Apple's Safari Fall First in Hacking Contest ... Again?

The organizer of the Pwn2Own hacking challenge predicts that Apple's Safari browser will go under first; a past winner of the contest isn't so sure.

Opera Mini: 5 Reasons iPhone Owners Need It

What's the big deal with Opera Mini? Here are five reasons why this Safari alternative could become your favorite iPhone Web browser.


Google Sounds Death Knell for IE 6 and Chrome 3

Google is dropping Google Docs and Google Sites support for several older browsers, including Chrome 3, Firefox 2, and Safari 2.

Bing to Become the iPhone's Default Search Engine?

Business Week reports that Apple and Microsoft are considering a deal that could oust Google from its position on the iPhone.