Don't-Miss Stories

3D Scanning with HP TopShot LaserJet Pro M275’s Camera Scanner on a Stick

This new multi-function printer uses TopShot, a camera on an adjustable arm, to take multiple birds’-eye photos of 3D objects, combining them in a single image with shadows and contours.


Poker Site Ran Massive Ponzi Scheme on Players

Poker players' money was used to finance a 'massive Ponzi scheme,' alleges Manhattan U.S. Attorney.

Nuance OmniPage Professional 18 Review: Powerful Optical Character Recognition, Poor Interface

OCR package converts scanned documents into editable text, but the interface muddles what should be a straightforward procedure.

Who's Scanning the Ubiquitous QR Code?

14 million U.S. mobile device users scanned a QR code in June -- they may be learning something that you aren't.


Go Paperless With OfficeDrop

Scan (or mail) all your documents to one site for permanent digital storage and stop wasting time pushing paper.

Essential Gadgets for the Road Warrior

Essential Gadgets for Road Warriors

Frequently Asked Photo Questions for April

Dave answers questions about choosing a photo file format, picking scanner settings, understanding how megapixels relate to file size, and more.


Use A Scanner From Any Networked PC With RemoteTwain

Share a scanner with everyone on your network with the RemoteTwain server/client application.

Digitize Your Pictures

Scan your pictures--film and slides--into your hard drive with the right hardware and software.

Digitize Your Documents

Scan your documents into your hard drive. We have tips on scanners, OCR software, Web OCR, and converting your books to e-books.