Don't-Miss Stories

Prada Phone Goes 3G

LG has unveiled a 3G version of its Prada phone.

Microsoft Demos New Touchscreen Interface

LaserTouch is a new sensing technology that uses computer vision techniques to sense multiple contacts on an LCD screen.

LG Glimmer: A Great Looking Touchscreen Phone

This inexpensive slider phone is packed with features.


Sony's Razor-Thin OLED Screen

Sony's prototype OLED screen ranks as the thinnest yet developed.


Panasonic Unveils Touchscreen Cameras With Wi-Fi

New Lumix cameras include a touchscreen for focusing and selecting shooting modes.

The Wide World of Monitors

We brought 17 flat-screen LCDs--from the wide to the double-wide to the ultrawide--into the PCW Test Center. Whether you want to see more work or more movie, we have product recommendations and shopping tips for you.

HP's Wide-Screen LCD: Good for Games, Graphics, and Flowers

This glossy black w2207 has a fast refresh rate, swiveling stand, and accessory kit.

A Guided Tour of HP's New Touch-screen PC

This stylish all-in-one PC lets your fingers do the walking.