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Sony Cyber-shot TX55: The Reinvention of Digital Zoom?

The superslim TX55 offers a new take on digital zoom, using an in-camera pixel-matching database that purportedly retains image sharpness and resolution.


Casio Tryx: A Genre-Straddling Camera

The shape-shifting Tryx offers good overall performance. It's a hard gadget to classify, but it works best when you use its form-twisting capability, due to awkward ergonomics when employing it as you would a normal camera.


How to Clean Your Smartphone

Keeping your phone clean can prolong its life--follow these tips to keep it looking and performing like new.


Samsung SH100: Brilliant In-Camera Features for a Bargain Price

With an array of wireless sharing and remote-control options, the Samsung SH100 has a very generous feature set for a $200 camera. But it's mainly for young, casual shooters, due to its toylike build and lack of manual controls.


What Windows 8 Needs Is Some New Furniture

Windows 8 looks slick, and it might work great with my existing hardware, but it won't work great with my existing computer desk if I want to take advantage of the touchscreen interface.

A Special Message From Your Camera's Mode Dial

When it comes to accessing some in-camera controls, a fancy touchscreen can't hold a candle to a good ol' mode dial. Here to tell you all about it is a mode dial.


Canon PowerShot Elph 500 HS Review: A Good Touchscreen Camera, With Caveats

We love the touchscreen-controlled Elph 500 HS's image quality, ultra-wide-angle-lens, and range of shooting modes. We're not so fond of its battery life and UI for manual controls.


Acer's Iconia Dual-Screen Laptop

The Acer Iconia is a $1,200 all-purpose laptop that’s being marketed as a “touchbook” due to its dual 14” touchscreen displays.


Display Tech to Watch This Year: Multitouch Catches Fire

Touch-screen panels have been around for more than a decade, but it was the 2007 introduction of a multitouch screen in Apple's iPhone that galvanized the...

The Future of Shopping: A Virtual Shoe Wall, Interactive Store Windows

Virtual walls of shoes and interactive shop window technology were on view at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week.