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Dual-Screen Laptops from Lenovo and Fujitsu

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Inexpensive OLED Picture Frame

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World Tech Update: Reports from CeBit in Germany

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Solid Improvements for Amazon's Kindle 2

The Kindle 2 is better looking, lighter, and the screen is even easier to read, but it's still difficult to view your own documents on the device.

The Sexy iRiver Spinn MP3 Player

The iRiver Spinn MP3 is an innovative music player with an eye-catching design and a unique navigation system.


BlackBerry Storm Touchscreen Underwhelms

There's been widespread anticipation for RIM's new touchscreen BlackBerry cellphone, the Storm. However, Senior Editor Denny Arar calls the touchscreen "a failed experiment."


How to Buy a Monitor

Shopping for a new LCD? Follow our advice to select a monitor that will meet your needs.

Panasonic's Portable Blu-ray Disc Player

Panasonic's portable Blu-ray Disc player with an 8.9-inch screen is expected in the U.S. in May.