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Google search manipulation starves some websites of traffic

Google's placement of its own flight-finding service in search results is resulting in lower click-through rates for companies that have not bought advertising, according to a study by Harvard University academics.


Bing Windows 8 apps updated, boosting RSS functions

Microsoft has updated more members of its Windows 8 apps, notably enhancing Bing News with an RSS feeder to take advantage of Google's abandonment of its Reader.

The best and easiest ways to search for programs and files in Windows 8

Randy G. finds Windows 8's search tools a bit confusing. I offer some suggestions.

google antitrust

Google's proposed antitrust deal in Europe angers its rivals

Complainants in the European Union's antitrust case against Google said Monday that the company's proposed remedies could be worse than the current situation.


Google search results are 5 times safer than Bing's

Researchers at the AV-Test security institute found that Google is better at screening out sites containing malware in its search results.


Bing boosts Twitter, Facebook findings in search results

Bing is incorporating more information from outside social networks such as Facebook and Twitter into how it displays search results involving people.

Make your business shine online: 8 steps to boost visibility

Getting seen on the Web can feel next to impossible. Here's how your small business can overcome the odds and stand out from the crowd.

After Reader, which Google services will be next to fall?

Even if you won't miss Google Reader, its untimely demise should leave you worried about the future of other Google products.


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Alibaba picks 'low-profile' exec to replace Jack Ma as CEO

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group named its new CEO to replace Jack Ma, choosing from within its ranks long-time company executive Jonathan Lu, who will start in his new role on May 10.

Google's Singhal: Speech, natural language recognition among search's biggest challenges

Knowledge Graph, a feature designed to put users' searches in context and deliver tailored results, as well as understanding speech, natural language and conversation are the four biggest technological challenges the company faces, according to Amit Singhal, Google's senior vice president of search.