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Google Search can now sift through your personal photos

Google will now search through your own photos on Google+ via the main Google Search bar.

Google Conversational Search

Google improves desktop voice search in new Chrome update

Google introduced its new Conversational Search feature with the Chrome 27 update, heralding a new age of asking the computer silly questions.



Chinese search engine wars heat up

China's Baidu has long dominated the country's search market. But a local rival to the company is bolstering its own search services with the help of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

German online copyright law to take effect in August

A German online copyright law that will give publishers the exclusive right to the commercial use of their publications on the Internet will come into effect on Aug. 1.

Tech Tip - Google - sites

Tech Tip: Advanced Google search functions

Searching Google is a quick way to find information, but more advanced functions can help users find more helpful information faster.

Google search tips and tricks

Search smarter on Google using more than just basic keywords. In this TechTip IDG News Service's Nick Barber shows you how to find more meaningful search results.

Google Now nuzzles up to other Google services with new cards and a reminder function

Google Now didn't get much attention at Google I/O today, but it's clear the service is bleeding into every aspect of Google's myriad services.


Google rival Foundem urges EU to reject remedies

A Google competitor that filed a complaint against the search giant said on Tuesday that the company's proposals to address the European Commission's antitrust concerns do no such thing.

Google has to delete offensive autocomplete results, German federal court rules

Google has to remove search suggestions from autocomplete in Germany if the results are offensive, the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe ruled Tuesday.

Bing brings integrated Facebook comments and Likes to searches

Bing is adding some new social features to its search engine, by letting users comment and Like their Facebook friends' posts directly on the site.


Microsoft extends Yahoo search deal

Microsoft has extended a search revenue guarantee agreement with Yahoo for one more year, amid reports that the Internet company is trying to break its 10-year agreement with Microsoft.