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Wi-Fi router

Tens of thousands of home routers at risk with duplicate SSH keys

A setup mistake could put the routers at risk of being compromised, and there's no easy way for consumers to identify or fix the problem.

tv with hand on remote stock

Uh-oh: Samsung smart TVs don't encrypt your captured voice data

Samsung TVs send voice search queries to a remote server over an unencrypted connection, a researcher found.

the interview

What's in a typo? More evidence tying North Korea to the Sony hack

A security firm says code used against Sony has similarities to other malware linked to North Korea


Twitter improves security for shared accounts

TweetDeck users can give others access to an account without providing the account password.

malware primary

Fanny superworm uses decoys and cloaking techniques, and probably spawned Stuxnet

The worm, used by the Equation cyberespionage group, relied on zero-day exploits that were later used in Stuxnet.

toshiba hard drive remove

Destroying your hard drive is the only way to stop this super-advanced malware

The Equation Group's attack on hard-drive firmware is one of the most advanced ever discovered, Kaspersky Lab said

android webview

Google launches WebView beta channel for developer tinkering

This move could lead to smoother in-app browsing and fewer of those pesky bugs.

connected home target

Connected homes can be easy targets for hackers, says cybersecurity firm

Security-as-a-Service provider Synack tested more than a dozen connected-home devices and found that nearly all could be breached without much effort.

malware 0 100257425 orig

Jeb Bush's privacy-shattering email cache hid another surprise: Viruses

There is old malware in attachments included in the Outlook email files

Malware virus

VirusTotal tackles the tricky false positives problem plaguing antivirus software

VirusTotal is gathering file metadata from trusted software makers to integrate in its online scanning engine