Don't-Miss Stories

Facebook explains the new buttons the first time users see them.

A 'want' on Facebook could be just what your business ordered

New buttons on the social network would encourage shopping--and benefit companies doing business on Facebook.

Starbucks adopts Square wireless wallet

Starbucks coffee shops will use Square's mobile payment system in its own app starting this fall, and is also updating its iOS app with location alerts.



Web currency Bitcoin seeks legitimacy, stability via foundation

A foundation has been established to create a more solid footing for Bitcoin, the virtual currency admired for its technical genius but dogged by doubts over its long-term viability.


Facebook gift-giving moves from virtual to actual goodies

Facebook has added a feature called Facebook Gifts, which lets you send physical items such as cupcakes, gift cards, stuffed animals, and magazine subscriptions to your Facebook friends.


Simplify your cashback searches with the Ebates Toolbar

What's this? A toolbar you might actually want to install? If you like saving money on nearly everything you buy online, this one is worth having.

Ivy Bridge laptops top September electronics bargains

Now is the time to buy old iPhones, 55-inch HDTVs, and SSD drives, as deals accompany product introductions.

Mobile Shopping Still Awaits Security

Analysis: Customers won't come until they're confident that waving their banking app at a point of sale terminal won't open their account to wireless thieves.

Walmart Experiments With iPhone App Checkout System

The iPhone app would streamline the process of using self-checkout terminals for in-store shoppers and takes another step toward the MCX mobile-payments network.


Are Shoppers Ready for Mobile Payments?

As major players sign on and the technology advances, mobile payments may become more common -- if the options don't confuse the buying public.

Walmart Offers $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80

The new deal means that you can get 20 percent off for a digitally delivered gift card. The one caveat is you have to give Walmart your name and personal information.