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Bitcoin volatility caused by surge in demand, slow software

Bitcoin's roller-coaster price swings on Wednesday were caused by an influx of new buyers and software that couldn't keep up, according to the largest exchange, Mt. Gox.


Online electronics store buys into bitcoins as sole currency

An online electronics retailer, Bitcoinstore, has had such a successful trial run accepting only bitcoins for payment that it will continue operating.

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox blitzed by strong denial of service attack

The largest bitcoin exchange said Thursday it is fighting an intense distributed denial-of-service attack it believes is intended at manipulating the price of virtual currency, which has seen volatile price swings in the past few days.

Bitcoin storage service, Instawallet, suffers database attack

An online bitcoin storage service, Instawallet, said Wednesday it is accepting claims for stolen bitcoins after the company's database was fraudulently accessed.

Samsung mini-stores reportedly headed to Best Buy for Galaxy S4 release

If Samsung indeed plans to open up mini-stores inside of Best Buy, it'll be copying a page out of Apple's playbook.



Walmart mulls crowdsourcing for same-day shipping service

Walmart may take an original angle in the same-day shipping wars by enlisting its customers to help deliver packages beyond major cities.

Get those jeans delivered today via Google

Google wants to take the immediacy of online search and apply it to something a little more tangible: retail. Starting Thursday, a small pool of shoppers can begin to test out an experimental same-day delivery service for certain products bought online.


US Senate budget supports sales tax on online purchases

The U.S. Senate has overwhelmingly passed a nonbinding proposal to allow states to collect sales tax on Internet sellers that have no presence within their borders.

Are there 60 votes in the Senate for online sales taxes?

Congress is expected this week to take up a non-binding amendment to test support for online sales tax collections.

Bitcoin processor links web shopping carts to's shipping and bitcoin now have an interesting link: A popular e-commerce shopping cart for merchants can now accept bitcoin payments and move orders to Amazon for shipping.