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Battle of the digital assistants: Windows Phone Cortana vs Google Now vs Siri

Even in beta, Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant has an impressive amount to say for itself. But is it enough to keep up?


Meet Jasper, an open-source, Siri-like virtual assistant for Raspberry Pi

A new open source project for Raspberry Pi mini-PCs lets you build your own voice command personal assistant for your home.

Clockwise quick take: Cortana takes on Siri, Google Now

Florence Ion, Philip Michaels, and Dan Moren talk Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Now.

Fire TV, Cortana, HTC One, and the pains of cord cutting

Amazon's Fire TV and the battle for the living room, why cord cutting won't work for sports fans, the new HTC One phone, and Cortana versus Siri versus Google Now.


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Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant guards user privacy with 'Notebook'

Cortana, the search assistant slated for Windows Phone 8.1, reportedly will allow users to specify what she does and does not learn.

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Here's what Windows Phone's rumored digital assistant needs to win you over

Odds are, you're not using Windows Phone. If the forthcoming voice assistant is good enough, maybe you will.