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The One Thing That Would Make iOS Really Awesome

When you choose iOS you have to be willing to work within the "walled garden," but if Apple would change this one thing it would make iOS a fundamentally better mobile platform.

Apple's New iPad: 2 Missing Features

The inclusion of a haptic display and Siri would have made the new iPad much more appealing.


Google is Working on Siri Rival, Report Says

Reports that Google is developing a voice assistant technology that would rival Apple's Siri are circulating.


Google 'Assistant' Reportedly Will Surpass Siri

The feature will apparently be personalized and make use of Google's data collection regarding how people behave online.


Mercedes to Integrate Apple's Siri into New Cars

This is the first time Apple will allow the Siri voice technology to be used in conjunction with hardware other than iOS-based technology.


Five Mobile Technologies that Didn't Change the World

Analysis: Sometimes when companies announce incredible new products or technologies and everybody proclaims that culture-shifting transformations are about to take place, nothing happens.


Cloud, Siri Keep iPhone 4S Hungry for Data

A network management firm estimates that iPhone 4S users consume twice the data of as iPhone 4 users, and triple that of iPhone 3GS owners.

Is Siri Really a Data Hog on iPhone 4S?

Data consumption comparisons of iPhones and other smartphones yield mixed results, but several factors gobble data.


Google Pulls 'Official' Siri App from Android Market

The move comes amid a deluge of Siri wannabes that have invaded the Android market since Apple introduced the iPhone 4S and its innovative features.


Siri Knock-Offs Invade Android Market

Some of the apps go to great lengths to pass themselves off as an Apple-sanctioned product.