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Sea change in Microsoft's focus may force restructure of leadership

Microsoft is reportedly headed for a major organizational restructuring as the company continues its march towards becoming a devices-and-services company.


Microsoft should kill Lync rather than integrate it with Skype

Microsoft announced that Lync and Skype can now share contacts and presence information, but there’s still work to be done to integrate them fully.

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Lync-Skype integration live now worldwide

Microsoft has completed the first phase of the integration between its enterprise unified communications (UC) Lync server and its Skype consumer IM and IP telephony network.

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Google gets proprietary about Hangouts, asks rivals to share

Google, one of the open source standbys, is getting some grief for locking down Google+ Hangouts. But the search giant points out that Microsoft isn't sharing, either.

Skype for Linux 4.2 aims to deliver more polish

Now available for multiple Linux distributions, this new update brings numerous tweaks and enhancements.


Microsoft may be scanning your Skype messages

Microsoft appears to be peeking into Skype messages for security reasons, according to Ars Technica.

Microsoft says its boxed software probably will be gone within a decade

The software giant is betting that, over the next 10 years, most people will voluntarily pay for subscriptions instead of purchasing boxed software.

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Skype extends coverage of Manager administration tool

Skype's Web-based management tool Manager for businesses is now available in over 170 countries and for all subscriptions, allowing companies to centrally control their usage of the service.

Skycam camera would harness Skype to deliver streaming video

The would-be camera -- which its co-founder is looking to crowd-fund -- connects to the Internet using Microsoft's Skype service.

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Skype preview starts rolling out to users

After months of teasing (and years of Google Voice on Gmail), Skype finally starts rolling out to users.