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Skype's new workspace portal aims to boost small businesses

The awkwardly named 'Skype in the workspace' connects you with experts, consultants, and possibly even new customers.

Skype for Windows Phone 8 preview now available with exclusive features

A preview version of Microsoft's Skype is now available for Windows Phone 8.


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Microsoft launches Skype-centered hub for small businesses

Microsoft has unveiled a commercial networking site where small businesses can promote their products and services and interact with potential customers and partners primarily using Skype.

Become a Skype power user with our 7 must-know secrets

These tips and tricks can turn Skype into an even more powerful tool for saving money, streamlining meetings, and improving your overall business.

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Microsoft to close Messenger and consolidate IM service on Skype

Microsoft will shut down Windows Live Messenger next year, compelling users to migrate to Skype, whose latest version can import users' Messenger contacts.

Can Skype really take the place of a face-to-face meeting?

Airfare is awfully expensive. Videoconferencing is cheap. But when business is on the line, is it really as good as being there in person?

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Skype 6 with improved social integration now available

New versions of Skype for Windows and OS X were released Wednesday by Microsoft. These latest versions add support for signing in through Facebook and Microsoft accounts.

New Logitech Webcam Puts Skype on TVs Without Need for a PC

Logitech's TV Cam HD is able to run Skype videoconferencing software on a high-definition TV without the need for a PC.


Skype Downplays Eavesdropping Concerns

Privacy unaffected by architecture change, says Microsoft-owned online video chat and calling company

Microsoft-Skype Snooping Accusations Push All the Paranoia Buttons

Hold the phone, Internet, before deciding whether Microsoft has engineered a backdoor to allow Skype wiretaps.