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Skype for Linux Gets a Big Update to Version 4.0

With so many alternatives, how many Linux users will embrace the Microsoft-owned VoIP software?

Leaked Windows Phone 8 Screenshots Show Skype Integration

The pressure is on Microsoft to expand its young phone OS and its influence with app developers.

Napster Founders Launch Video Chat for Facebook

The browser-based video chat service called Airtime supports video chat over the social network site, rivaling Skype.


Extreme BYOD: When Consumer Tech Goes to Unexpected Places

Your laptop will get less spacesick than you.

Angry Birds Tops Companies' List of Banned Apps

It seems that your boss doesn't want you to launch digital birds at evil green pigs during office hours.

Skype Investigates Tool That Reveals Users' IP Addresses

Skype said Tuesday it is investigating a new tool that collects a person's last known IP address, a potential privacy-compromising issue.

Skype App for Windows Phone Released

Internet telephony provider Skype released its app for the Windows Phone operating system on Sunday with support for 18 languages.

Facebook's Instagram Acquisition: Putting it All into Perspective

Big bucks buys through the years don't always turn out the way either party expects. Here are a few famous examples.

Skype: Voice Trumps Facebook, Twitter, SMS

A new Skype ad campaign touts the benefits of voice and video calling.

How to Stay Connected When Traveling Abroad

Taking a trip? Here’s how to avoid the exorbitant costs of international Internet access, phone calls, text messaging.