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Skype 5.8 For Windows Brings Facebook Video Calling

Write on your Facebook wall from Skype, spot your friends for a quick chat -- maybe even in HD or in a group.

TelyHD Review: Conferencing Device Brings Skype to Your Living Room

Tely’s new videoconferencing system packs a high-def camera and Skype support into a cylinder that perches on top of your TV, enabling family-friendly, PC-free video conferencing on a big screen.


Microsoft: 5 Smart and 5 Dumb Moves the Company Made in 2011

Love it or hate it, Microsoft is a company that brings out strong emotions in just about every IT professional. With 2011 over, it's time for our picks.

Skype Releases New Version of Its App for Android

The latest edition of Skype's Android app lets you share video, photos and files with other Skype users.


Gmail Calling Stays Free Through 2012

Desktop users will continue to be able to call any domestic number within the United States or Canada through the end of 2012.


Tips For Mobile Device Users Worried About Latest Security Flaws

Here's a rundown of the latest concerns and tips to keep the hackers and thieves at bay.


Going VoIP-Only: Do You Still Need Cellular Voice Service?

Now that smartphones have Skype, Google Voice, and a dozen other mobile VoIP apps, why do consumers still need to pay monthly fees for voice service?


Group Video Chat Showdown: Google Hangouts and AnyMeeting Come Out on Top

Hangouts and AnyMeeting both have free and elegant chat interfaces. Depending on what you’re looking for, however, other services might suit you better.

Researchers ID Skype Users Who Also Use BitTorrent

Entertainment companies seeking to trace people who are illegally file sharing may be interested in new research that could identify file-sharers through their Skype accounts.

Microsoft Assures Apple, Android Users they'll Still Get Skype

The Internet phone service won't suddenly support only Windows, Microsoft assured customers as the acquisition becomes final.