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Google Glass one-day sale ends in a sell-out (and proof that people like white frames?)

All editions have been scooped up, but Google says it's looking for ways to expand the Explorer program.

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Google announces new Glass features ahead of one-day sale to general public

As the Explorer edition goes on sale to normal folks Tuesday, the smartglasses promise better battery life, new photo features, and user-interface improvements.


XOEye smartglasses could be the all-work, no-play wearable that people actually use

Conceived in Nashville and destined for the factory floor, the XOEye XOnes aim to bring blue-collar productivity to the face computer space.

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9 stylish wearables that won't make you look like a high-tech dork

OK, it's not like Gucci is getting into the smartwatch business. But this wearable tech actually adopts a fashion-forward aesthetic.



If Google Glass is just a 'prototype' why is it pairing up with luxury sports eyewear?

Patience, patience, young Explorer. Tomorrow's Glass will be more fashionable than today's.


Why Google Glass security remains a work in progress

University researchers develop spyware for Glass that snaps pictures and sends them to a remote server


Google myth-busts the nonsense that 'Glass is ready for prime time'

Today's Glass Explorer edition will eventually look like a quaint relic of yesteryear, Google shares in a 10-point, myth-busting blog.


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Hands on with Laster SeeThru, a direct augmented-reality challenge to Google Glass

Packed with sensors and offering a generous field-of-view, SeeThru has a lot going for it. But will its information overlays ultimately prove useful or distracting?


Parsing Google's Glass etiquette: What those do's and don'ts really mean

You're an Explorer now, son. You have new responsibilities, and it's time to take them seriously.


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Glass display maker: Many big names working on head-mounted gear

Get ready for more Glassholes. Himax already supplies the display for Google Glass and says it's working with other major IT and electronics brands.