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wearables epi 3

Wearables Right or Wrong? The Samsung Simband is solid tech with a dubious mission

In Episode 3 of his weekly video segment, Jon Phillips digs into Samsung's Simband, Fitbit's market share, and the heartbreaking disappointment of augmented reality smartglasses.


ms smartwatch 640x487 100033223 large

Report: Microsoft nearing release of OS-agnostic, heart rate-monitoring smartwatch

Because if Samsung, Google and Apple are going to have smartwatch platforms, then Microsoft must have one too.

android wear close

Google shows off Android Wear integration for Nest, Google Calendar, more

Tired of waiting for Android Wear devices to hit store shelves? Us too. Check out these notification images in the meantime.


gear fit fixed

Samsung has wearables fever and the only prescription is more watchphone

Some executive in South Korea apparently won't rest until his Dick Tracy dream is realized.


wearables right or wrong

Wearables Right or Wrong: Is now the right time to buy Google Glass?

Welcome to Episode 1 of our new video series. It’s time for honest talk about a hardware revolution that filled with so much promise -- and hype.


lg g pad series 2

LG outs three new G Pad tablets, new G Watch teaser

It's a busy season for LG as the company announces three new tablets just weeks before it is expected to unveil its latest flagship smartphone and its first Android Wear device.


qualcomm toq voice

Qualcomm Toq smartwatch now features voice messaging (and, yes, it works)

You'll never find a touch keyboard on a wrist-worn wearable, so voice texting is the next best thing.

lggwatch cropped

Report: LG's G Watch will sell in France for 199 euro this June

That converts to about $275, keeping one of the world's most anticipated smartwatches in pricey territory—unless LG adjusts its "barrier to entry" for the U.S. market.


smartwatch cmu

Researchers try a new 'twist' on smartwatch control

Rotating, tilting and clicking smartwatches could open up new interface possibilities

g shocks

Why Japanese watchmakers have no time for smartwatches

The fad of wearables-on-the-wrist doesn't resonate with Casio, Seiko and Citizen