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Crowdsourcing a crisis: How to use Twitter in a tragedy

In a rush to share information and find the Boston bombing suspects, news outlets and amateur Internet detectives showed the best and worst of social media in a few whirlwind days.


Reddit apologizes for 'online witch hunt' for Boston bombing suspect

In a testament to the issues surrounding the appropriate use of social media during a tragedy, Reddit is publicly apologizing for the role that it played last week in fueling an online witch hunt that led to identifying an innocent Brown University student as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.


Twitter TV

Twitter inks major ad deal, makes TV push

As TV networks prepare to choose their newest hits, Twitter is making a content and advertising push that could bring in big bucks.


Twitter, Comedy Central team for five-day #ComedyFest

The comedic revolution won't be televised. Instead, it'll come in 140-character bursts and six-second Vine vids.


social networks

Social nets dominate US users' time online, study reports

Americans spend more time on social networks than other Internet users, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

Revamped LinkedIn apps crib Facebook's mobile style

LinkedIn's newly revamped mobile apps blow away their predecessors, but bear a striking resemblance to another big-name social network.


Twitter will target ads based on your tweets

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets so far have been vaguely based on your information, but on Wednesday, the social network began allowing companies to use keywords in your tweets to market to you.


Auto-playing video ads: Coming soon to a Facebook feed near you?

If you thought standard sponsored ads were annoying, wait until you hear about this.


Twitter, Pinterest, Skype founders advise Japan entrepreneurs

A host of celebrity tech executives, including the founders of Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote and Android, converged in Tokyo this week, invited as part of an ambitious effort to modernize Japan's economy through entrepreneurship.

Boston blasts show two sides of social media

Twitter users reacted fast to the explosions that ripped through the Boston Marathon Monday, but the incident also revealed how social media can only be so reliable in such situations.