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Delft University wins World Solar Challenge car race

A team from Delft University in the The Netherlands won the World Solar Challenge, a biennial cross-Australia race that puts solar cars up against harsh driving conditions.


Stella solar car

Four-seater solar car hits 120 kph in cross-Australia race

Cars powered only by the sun are racing in the World Solar Challenge in the Australian desert, and a vehicle built by the Eindhoven University of Technology hit speeds of 120 kilometers per hour on Tuesday.

Dutch lead World Solar Challenge car race at end of day two

A team from Holland's Delft University is leading the world's toughest solar car race at the end of its second day.


Sun seekers: IKEA Britain now sells solar panels

Customers can purchase a minimum of 18 panels for about $9,000. And you thought jamming that Ikea sofa box into the car was a pain.


Vivint control panel

A floor-to-ceiling tour of America's most energy-efficient home

In a neighborhood where utility bills run $300 per month, this home generates all the energy it consumes—for free!


This smart home in Utah hits a bold new benchmark: Net zero energy consumption

Energy-efficient design, solar panels, and smart technology help this home generate all the energy it consumes.


Stanford shows new solar car before its cross-Australia race

The world got a glimpse of Stanford's latest solar-powered car Luminos on Tuesday, before it ships to Australia to take part in the world's premier solar-vehicle race.