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Keep your eye on these three great PlayStation 4 indie games

Some of the most exciting games of E3 are hiding in the independent section of Sony's giant booth.


How Sony won E3's kickoff

Sony didn’t just raise the bar: they threw it right back at Microsoft.


PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: What you'll really spend

The prices for the next generation of gaming have been revealed. But what will it really cost to get the most out of your new console?


Live blog: Sony at E3 2013

What will Sony announce at this year's E3 gaming expo? Find out in our Monday night live blog.


Sony unveils slider Vaio Duo packing Intel's Haswell

Just a day after Intel launched its new Haswell mobile processor, Sony unveiled two new laptops based on the chip. The Vaio Duo is a slider, that can be used as a tablet PC or, with the screen angled back, a laptop while the Vaio Pro is a thin and light Ultrabook.

Sony announces the Haswell-powered VAIO Pro and VAIO Duo Series Ultrabooks

Latest updates to the VAIO series are supremely light and feature Sony's X-Reality picture engine, carried over from the company's television product line.

Sony VAIO Fit 15 Touch review: Great display, but lackluster performance and battery life

This hefty notebook has an excellent screen and plenty of storage space, but it delivers only mediocre performance and battery life.

Sony and Lego research into new toys

Sony and Lego join forces to blur the lines between blocks and video games

Sony and Lego are working together on creating a new generation of products that bridge the gap between toys and video games.

Xbox One Questions

Gamestop: Xbox One will be priced less than the Xbox 360

The game retailer says it expects that the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One will be priced less than their predecessors - and that there will be fewer buyers, too.

Sony vs. Microsoft game console wars reignite

Sony tries to steal some of Microsoft's Xbox thunder by offering a few fleeting glimpses of the Playstation 4 hardware via video on the eve of a big Xbox event.


sony xperia zr

Sony Xperia ZR phone shoots underwater photos, video

Sony's 1.5GHz quad-core Xperia ZR can soak in up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, shooting pictures with its 13-megapixel rear camera.