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A second photo of a possible new Sony PlayStation controller?

Rumored Sony PS4 controller shows new thumbsticks

Sony will hold its press event in New York on February 20, at 6 p.m. EST. The company hasn't said what the event is about, but it seems obvious that new console hardware is the topic.


New camera war brewing in the smartphone market

As HTC and Nokia prepare to go head-to-head with new cameras on upcoming smartphones, they hope to steal market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics.


Sony adds large-screen Ultrabooks to Vaio lineup

The Ultrabooks have Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system

sony minidisc

Sony quits manufacturing the 21-year-old MiniDisc player

RIP, Sony MiniDisc -- Sony has announced it is no longer manufacturing the portable audio players, which had limited adoption even after 21 years.


PlayStation 4 buzz begins as Sony teases February event

Sony’s mystery PlayStation event is scheduled for Wednesday February 20 at 6 p.m. ET.

Phone makers switch focus to batteries, not thickness

LG and Huawei are putting 3,000mAh batteries in the their latest smartphones


Sony looks to ultraslim Xperia Tablet Z to rebuild its cachet

Sony once had a reputation for building premium products that rivaled Apple's


Sony Xperia 10.1-inch tablet Z is thinner than iPad Mini

Sony has expanded its portfolio of Android-based products with the Tablet Z, which is thinner and lighter than competing products from Apple and Google.



Sony sells its US headquarters

Sony will sell its U.S. headquarters to raise $685 million in cash, parting ways with an iconic New York building it has occupied for 20 years.

Next-generation Xbox, PlayStation consoles may be unveiled in March

Microsoft and Sony reportedly will each hold their own 'Apple-style press conferences'