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Sony's NEX-5R WiFi: Hands On With the Viewfinder Feature

The model introduced at IFA is one of the first cameras that allows use of a smartphone or tablet PC as a remote viewfinder, and it is scheduled to ship in October.


HBO's CTO Skeptical Over Potential for 4K TV

The need for screen sizes bigger than 60 inches hampers the techlogy's chance for success.


TechHive: Tech Spotlight on Berlin--A Rundown of Gadgets Introduced at IFA Tech Conference

The IFA tech show in Berlin doesn't officially start until Friday, but gadget makers have given a sneak peek at the latest wares to be shown off at the gadget expo in Berlin.

IFA 2012: Windows 8 Laptops Take on Look, Feel of Tablets

Manufacturers at the trade show are unveiling Windows 8 devices that blur the line between laptops and touch-enabled devices.

TechHive: Sony's First 4K HDTV Is an 84-inch Behemoth

Sony has announced a monstrous new TV with a pixel count four times that of existing HDTVs.

Sony to Launch 4K TV that Improves on High-Definition

The 4K format is already in use in the movie industry and many 4K projectors can be found at movie theaters.


Extreme Tech: 22 Devices That Go All Out

Check out these 22 devices that push the limits of technology in almost every way.


Sony's New 'Stacked' Image Sensors Enable Smaller Devices, More Pixels

The Tokyo-based electronics maker produces the camera units used in hit devices like the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3.


Sony Launches PRS-T2 Touchscreen E-Reader for $130

The device features new social features for Facebook and Evernote and comes with a voucher to get the e-book version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


PlayStation Mobile Coming to Select Android Devices

The new mobile gaming platform will feature about 30 'PlayStation-like' titles for Android devices that users can download from Sony's PlayStation Store.