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HTC Evo 4G LTE Gets Official: Sprint’s Latest LTE Phone Makes Its Debut

Sprint's HTC Evo 4G LTE has a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and a 4.7-inch Super LCD display.


HTC Evo One Details Leaked Before Today's Sprint Launch

Sprint and HTC gear up to reveal a new smartphone, but a mysterious phone dubbed the Evo One hits the Internet rumor mill.


Sprint to Start Taking Pre-Orders for LG Viper on April 12

The device is LG's first that will be available with an unlimited data plan on Sprint’s 4G LTE network.


Samsung to Outsell Apple in First Quarter, Despite iPhone's Hot Sales

Samsung will sell an estimated 41 million units this quarter, compared with 32.6 million for Apple, according to an analyst.


AT&T Won't Appeal Decision in Throttling Suit

Goliath decides to pay off David and move on, so a customer wins his lawsuit against a vendor for reneging on marketing claims.


Sprint Cancels LightSquared LTE Deal

Sprint Nextel has terminated its 15-year spectrum-hosting agreement with LightSquared, eliminating the would-be wholesale mobile operator's main carrier.

4 Things You May Not Know About the New iPad

Here are answers to burning questions such as when pre-orders will be available, which mobile carriers will offer service on the device, and what it is going to be called.


ZTE Announces the Affordable ZTE Fury

ZTE's latest smartphone offering won't drain your bank account.


Upgrade Insanity: Why There Are Too Many Smartphones--and How That Hurts Consumers

You pay $200 for what you think is the best smartphone available; then a few months later the same manufacturer releases a similar phone with much better specs. There has to be a better way.


Smartphone Data Shake-up: The End of 'Unlimited'

Unlimited data is only a memory for most smartphone users. What has the shift toward tiered plans really meant for our wallets?