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Smartphone Data Shake-Up: The End of 'Unlimited' Plans

Unlimited data is only a memory for most smartphone users. What has the shift toward tiered plans really meant for our wallets?

Sprint Losses Hit $1.3B over iPhone Costs, Subscribers Fewer than Expected

Sprint Nextel losses rise over subsidies paid to Apple for iPhone sales, but fewer than expected subscribers offset hemorrhaging.


Tethering: A Quirky Conundrum

Using your phone for a computer connection is very expensive, or it's free -- depending on your carrier; and it could change.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper Both Coming To Sprint, Both 4G LTE Compatible

The two phones will be among the first devices to run on Sprint's new 4G LTE network, set to launch mid-year.


Sprint Challenges AT&T on its Turf

Sprint Nextel will launch LTE service this year first in Southeastern cities, and expand while still supporting its WiMax network.

HTC EVO View 4G Tablet Gets Honeycomb at Last

HTC EVO View 4G owners get a bonus holiday gift today in the form of an Android 3.2 Honeycomb update.


Wireless Carrier Survey: Smaller Players Rank High in Customer Satisfaction

The bottom line: Industry titan AT&T finished last, while two smaller carriers that piggyback on AT&T's network, Consumer Cellular and U.S. Cellular, ranked tops.

Sprint's Decision to Stop Using Carrier IQ a Win for Privacy Advocates

Critics worry the tool lets phones double as spying devices, while the software maker says it is intended to help wireless carriers improve the performance of their handsets by communicating metrics.


Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to More Android Users

If you're one of the lucky ones to get the update, check out some tips and shortcuts Google has posted to help you navigate the many changes you'll see on your device.


Carriers Admit Handsets Run Carrier IQ

Sprint says 26 million handsets are loaded with the monitoring program, while AT&T Claims it's on 900,000 of its phones.