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Sprint's Decision to Stop Using Carrier IQ a Win for Privacy Advocates

Critics worry the tool lets phones double as spying devices, while the software maker says it is intended to help wireless carriers improve the performance of their handsets by communicating metrics.


Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to More Android Users

If you're one of the lucky ones to get the update, check out some tips and shortcuts Google has posted to help you navigate the many changes you'll see on your device.


Carriers Admit Handsets Run Carrier IQ

Sprint says 26 million handsets are loaded with the monitoring program, while AT&T Claims it's on 900,000 of its phones.

20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers

Looking for a place where you can get things done--or be entertained--while waiting for a flight? We tested Wi-Fi quality and cell reception (and counted electrical outlets) at the 40 largest airports in the United States, to find the ones that do the best job of keeping you plugged in at the gate and in the air.

Sprint Delays 4G LTE Rollout

The wireless carrier will introduce its first devices on the high-speed network in the latter part of 2012 instead of its original target of mid-2012.


Apple, 7 Companies Hit with Lawsuit Over Carrier IQ Software

The lawsuit is the third to be filed since the privacy controversy started last week.


Carrier IQ, Mobile Services Grilled over Spyware Charges

Handset makers and carriers scramble to explain the tracking software on some devices, while Congress demands details.


Sprint's Unlimited Data Smartphone Plan Expected to End Soon

As Sprint upgrades to LTE from 4G WiMax, the move is expected to strain the carrier's network and unlimited data plans don't help.


Sprint Slashes Mobile Data Prices

Sprint may be axing its unlimited 4G plans for most devices but at least it's making sure you pay less for what you use.


Your Wireless Carrier Probably Is Selling Your Personal Information--But Does it Matter?

If we don't actively protect our own data, does it matter if big businesses sell our personal details?