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Review: The LG Optimus G

The LG Optimus G has beefy specs and a vibrant display, but poor call quality and other quirks keep it from being the best phone around.


Report: Softbank deal to buy 70 percent stake in Sprint to be announced Monday

Softbank will acquire a 70 percent stake in Sprint Nextel, with the boards of both companies agreeing to the deal, which will be announced Monday, according to CNBC.


Sprint launches $3 per month vanity phone number feature

Sprint says it will be the first major U.S. carrier to offer StarStar Me, a new service from a company called Zoove that lets you create a personalized 5-to-9 digit number preceded by two '*' symbols.


Virgin Mobile's password security rapped by researchers

Millions of subscribers to Virgin Mobile USA, the pay-as-you-go arm of Sprint in the United States, may be at risk to hacker attack due to its weak password scheme for accessing their online accounts, according to security researchers.


Nokia Lumia 920 announced, but when will it ship?

Nokia aims to ship its newest smartphone on November 2 with AT&T, but the date isn't solid and it's not clear when other carriers will have it.


tether guide

The ultimate Android tethering guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about tethering on your Android phone.

Kyocera Rise Review: A Budget Android Phone Ideal for Smartphone Rookies

The Kyocera Rise is a great starter smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard, but more-experienced smartphone users will be left wanting more.


Sprint Kicks Off BYOD Managed Service

Sprint extended BYOD Management to its professional services portfolio on Monday, giving businesses a way to manage security and costs for workers who use consumer smartphones and tablets for work.

T-Mobile, MetroPCS Roll Out Unlimited Data Plans

The plans are truly unlimited, with no data caps or throttling of download speeds taking place.

Sprint Reduces iPhone 4S Prices by $50

Sprint's move brings the price to $150 for a 16 GB iPhone 4S on Sprint, $250 for a 32 GB model and $350 for a 64 GB model.