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Zendesk unveils an extensively reworked version of its online help-desk software.

Resolving a Software Purchase Hassle

A reader in Papua New Guinea seeks help with a software purchase he can't complete; also, an antivirus software company drops a customer support firm for aggressive tactics.

Twitter Tech Support: How Effective Is Tweeting a Tech Problem?

Companies do answer customer support questions sent via Twitter. Here's how they handle it and how to be heard when you tweet your problem.

Microsoft Ending Windows Vista Mainstream Support on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Microsoft will end "Mainstream Support" for Windows Vista, moving into an "Extended Support" phase that lasts through April 11, 2017.


Stupid Tech Support Tricks: IT Calls of Shame

Pronoun problems, IT ghosts, the runaway mouse -- when it comes to computers, the customer isn't always right.

5 Annoying Help Desk Calls - And How to Banish Them

Free your help desk staff and empower your IT customers by eliminating these five all-too-common calls.

Showdown: Remote Control Tech Support Services, Tested

Web-based tech support services provide live help, but can you trust your PC in a stranger's hands? We suffered hold-time hell to test how four services dealt with real-world Windows problems.

7 Signs You've Outsourced Too Much IT Work

Once an organization gets a taste of the benefits of IT outsourcing, the hunger for more naturally increases. But watch out.

How to Get Free or Cheap Tech Support

When one of your tech devices goes awry, you can get expert answers at low cost or even for free, if you know where to look.

The Cloud, Day 19: IT Department Included

Yes, the 30 Days With the Cloud saga continues. After a bit of a holiday hiatus, the series is back in gear and taking a look at the backend support that comes with using cloud services.