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An influx of customers catches BitDefender off-guard. Plus: a Lenovo AC adapter recall.

10 Things We Hate About ISPs and Cable and Phone Companies

From their automated phone-support systems to their missed service appointments to their penchant for nickeling and diming us to death, service providers seem have an inexhaustible supply of habits that get our blood pressure up.


Free Network Management Tool Saves Your Budget

The ad-supported Spiceworks IT Desktop manages medium- and small-business networks at no cost.

Solve Common PC Problems with Microsoft 'Fix Its'

Microsoft's new automated helpers promise to fix over 100 problems with Windows, apps, and more.

Dirty Tech Jobs: The Muck Stops Here

From crisis counselor to malware wrangler and dealing with the digital dead, here's the lowdown on the seven dirtiest gigs in the industry.

Tech Repair, Support Services See Growth Amid Recession

During the Great Depression, Americans found ways to repair and reuse many items -- turning gunny sacks into dresses, for instance. In the current economic depression, the same may apply to electronics.

10 Cool New Technologies You Need to Check Out

Instant-on access for any PC. A netbook with a detachable screen. And a cheaper way to get out from under your home mortgage. These and other creative Web services, software and hardware were introduced at the DEMO 09 conference.


Generation Y Finds its Place in IT

We know all about this tech stuff, the next generation of tech workers says -- how should the workplace deal with them?

CIOs Headed for Extinction

Thornton May says most CIOs are dinosaurs: out of place in the world that is taking shape, and headed for mass extinction.


Techies Volunteer, Share Skills

Through Geekcorps, tech workers are volunteering their time and expertise in developing countries.