Don't-Miss Stories

Find Hard-to-Find 800 Numbers

Can't find a service or support number for AOL? Microsoft? Yahoo? This site has hundreds of them.

Organized Customer and Employee Support

NTRSupport tidies up the mess for companies providing support.

Ailing Laptop: Repair or Replace?

Tips and advice for that scary time when both your laptop and its warranty have expired.

Find Solutions to Tech Problems at FixYa

This community-supported site offers free troubleshooting help and replacement manuals.

Legal, Meet IT ... IT, Meet Legal

Lawyers handle legal work. IT oversees technology. In an age where information is critical, it's vital for IT and legal to work together hand in hand to develop and implement legal holds policies and practices, or risk costly fines and irreparable damage to the company's reputation.

Outside Help, Inside Connections

PlumChoice offers help, WorldExtend improves connections.

How Do I Remotely Troubleshoot Someone Else's PC?

I answer BobJam's question, originally posted on the Answer Line Forum, on remotely controlling his sister's PC to help her with a technical problem.

Twitter Stops SMS Alert Service in UK

Twitter has removed text message support for its U.K. users, blaming costs as the reason behind the decision.

Singing the New-PC Blues

Setting up a new system is a major hassle--and the Web doesn't provide much help.

Elvis Lives! But He's a Bit Robotic

Checking Out the Wowee Alive Elvis.