Don't-Miss Stories

HP Offers Integrated Management for IT Services

In what the company describes as a premium service, Hewlett-Packard is offering to help the world's largest organizations manage IT service contracts.

Help Friends and Family Through Remote Control

Roscoblunt's friends call him with their computer questions. He asked the Desktops forum to recommend a free program for remote help.

How the IPad Will Change IT Forever

Apple's tablet is pushing the 'consumerization of IT' trend in a way that IT can't stop--and doesn't need to.

Small Businesses Benefit from Second Windows Intune Beta

Adding enterprise-class functionality to Microsoft’s cloud-based PC management tool will make it a better value to businesses of all sizes.

Microsoft Expands Intune Services

Users of Microsoft's Intune's managed desktop service will soon be able to install third part software automatically

How to Get Help: Contact the CEO, Bypass Phone Menus

Here's what to do when normal customer service channels fail: Go to the top.

Turn IT Pros Into 'Compassionate Geeks'

In the new book, "The Compassionate Geek: Mastering Customer Service for I.T. Professionals," veteran IT trainer Don R. Crawley lifts a veil on a corner of the...

Customer Support Can't Keep Up With Rise of Social Media

Companies are expanding their social media and mobile presence at a rate that far exceeds their customer support abilities, according to a report.

IT Jobs Market Outpacing Other Sectors

The number of permanent placements in IT rose at a faster pace in April than the month before, and growth was higher than any other sector.

Startups Offer Tools to Ease IT's Pain

If you want to know what IT tools and technologies you'll be using in a few years, it pays to keep an eye on startups that are focused on business tech.